Survey Winners and
Survey Answers

During the spring of 2023, the Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Institute Foundation (RMLEIF) distributed surveys at each Lions District Convention in Wyoming and Colorado to measure awareness and understanding of the Foundation.  All surveys asked the same questions. One survey returned by a Lion in each Wyoming and Colorado Lions district was randomly selected and that person's club received $150 from RMLEIF for its vision programs.

The winning Lions clubs in Colorado were:

District 6C: The Cyber Lions Club,

District 6NE: Fort Collins,

District 6SE: Colorado City-Rye, and

District 6W: Redlands.

The Riverton club won in Wyoming (i.e. in District 15). 

The survey questions and answers appear below. The questions are challenging, but some who filled out the survey did extremely well. Click here to Try the Survey and test your RMLEIF knowledge. 

Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Institute Foundation Survey
Answer Key with Correct Answers Bold and Red 

Circle the letter of all correct answers to each question. 

a. Provides financial assistance for financially needy patients to travel outside their home area for necessary eye care that is not available locally

b. Plans good parties in Denver every quarter when it meets 

c. Provides financial assistance for low vision exams for financially needy individuals at The Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Institute 

d. Oversees the operation of The Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Institute 

e. Works with the Lions of Colorado, Wyoming and the Lions Club International Foundation to upgrade patient care technology at The Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Institute 

a. Prior to 1987, Lions were actively developing eye institutes throughout the United Stated and the world 

b. The Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Institute Foundation was established in 1991 

c. The first substantial gift to the Foundation came from the King Foundation, which was established by longtime Colorado Lion Kenneth Kendal King 

d. The original planned location of The Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Institute changed before it was built

e. The Denver Lions Club initiated the effort to build the $12 million Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Institute with the University of Colorado 

a. 1 in each 

b. 2 in each 

c. 3 in each 

d. 2 in Colorado and 1 in Wyoming 

e. 2 in Colorado and 3 in Wyoming 


a. 1 years

b. 2 years

c. 3 years

d. 4 years

e. 5 years

a. Colorado Boulevard, across from the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, Denver 

b. Colorado Springs, Colorado 

c. University of Colorado, Anschutz Medical Campus, Aurora, Colorado 

d. Cheyenne, Wyoming 

e. None of the above 

a. Children Hospital Colorado 

b. Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota 

c. Rocky Mountain Regional Veterans Affairs Medical Center 

d. Denver Health Medical Center 

e. Wilmer Eye Institute, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland 

a. 1883 

b. 1905 

c. 1997 

d. 2001 

e. 2008 


a. Train and educate ophthalmologists, researchers and technicians 

b. Receive at least $3.0 Million in grants from the National Institutes of Health for vision research 

c. Conduct basic and applied research to treat and cure vision disorders 

d. Provide clinical eye care for individuals with sight-threatening diseases 

e. Annual patient visits must exceed 100,000 

a. It provides the complete range of leading-edge vision restoration services under one roof 

b. It is the only academic eye care institute within a 500-mile radius of Denver 

c. It is ranked as one of the top 10 ophthalmology patient care facilities in the country 

d. It has multiple research programs to reverse the loss of vision from macular degeneration 

e. A surgical instrument invented by Dr. Malik Kahook of the Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Institute improved access to safe and cost-effective glaucoma surgery globally