Our Foundation

Our Mission, Our Trustees, and Our Officers

New Trustees and Officers for 2022-2023

We welcome our new Wyoming Trustee PDG Craig Thompson from the Gillette Club, our new Colorado 6W Trustee Wayne Wells from the Redlands Club, and our new Colorado 6C Trustee Colorado Council Chair Ted Peterson from the Pleasant View Club. 

Colorado 6C Trustee Sally Hooks from the Denver Club has become the Foundation's Vice President for Colorado, having finished two terms as Trustee.  Thank you for serving as a Trustee.

Wyoming Trustee PDG Dave Orr from the Cheyenne Sunrise Club has become the Foundation's Vice President for Wyoming. 

Thank you to PDG Ted Wenckus from Wyoming's Story Club and Ed Smith from Colorado's Eagle Club in 6W, who have finished their terms as Trustees. In addition to serving two terms as Trustee, Ted is stepping down as Vice President for Wyoming. 

Thank you to former Trustee PDG Rick Argotsinger from the Highlands Ranch Club in Colorado 6C, who is stepping down as Vice President for Colorado, and former RMLIEF Trustee and President Roger Hosea from the Sterling Club in Colorado 6NE, who is stepping down as a RMLEIF advisor. 

RMLEIF's Mission

Today the Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Institute Foundation (RMLEIF) continues its mission by:

The Foundation's eleven-member Board of Trustees is made up of two members elected by the Lions in each of Colorado's four Lions Districts and three members elected by the Lions in Wyoming's single Lions district. Trustees serve 3-year terms and can serve up to two consecutive times. The Foundation's officers are elected annually by the Board of Trustees; officers can be RMLEIF Trustees or individuals selected by the Board who are not Trustees. The Board of Trustees meets four times per year at the Eye Institute in Aurora, Colorado and meets in special session when required. Committees meet more frequently using internet video conferencing services. 

Trustees and Officers 2022-2023

PDG Betsy Denney, Trustee, Colorado 6SE

Lion Danielle VanEsselstein, Trustee, Colorado 6SE

Lion Scott Nasman, Trustee, Colorado 6NE

PID Ken Schwols, Trustee, Colorado 6NE

PDG Bob Johannes, Trustee, Colorado 6W

Lion Wayne Wells, Trustee, Colorado 6W

Lion Steve Allen, Trustee and Treasurer, Colorado 6C

CC Ted Peterson, Trustee, Colorado 6C

Lion Sally Hooks, Vice President, Colorado 6C 

PDG Dave Orr, Trustee, Secretary, and Wyoming VP

DG Gary Roadifer, Trustee, Wyoming

PDG Craig Thompson, Trustee, Wyoming

PID John Harper, President, Wyoming

Trustees, Officers, and Advisors who left RMLEIF in 2022

PDG Rick Argotsinger, Former Trustee and Vice President, Colorado

PDG Ted Wenckus, Former Trustee and Vice President, Wyoming

Lion Ed Smith, Former Trustee, Colorado 6W

Lion Roger Hosea, Former RMLEIF President, Trustee, and Advisor, Colorado 6NE