to support the Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Institute Foundation


Every donation is a precious gift. Help us provide sight-saving services and support vision research and education with your contribution. 

Choose one of these options to support the Foundation’s work: 

2. Click here to donate through 

Use this option to donate to RMLEIF for Colorado Gives Day.

3-OR- Include RMLEIF in your will. For more information email

4-OR- Print, fill out, and mail our PDF donation form with your check.

5.  -OR- Make a pledge, paying part now and the remainder in the future.  Print, fill out, and mail our PDF pledge form.

6. -OR- If you contribute $250 or more, you can request the Paul Barbour Award for yourself or for someone else, such as a valued member of your Lions Club.  The Foundation’s Trustees authorized this award to honor the late Lion Paul Barbour, who was a driving force during the Foundation’s first two decades. 

The top of the award displays the Foundation’s emblem, an eye reflecting distant mountains. The award's lower plate is usually engraved with the year and the words “Paul Barbour Award” as shown in the photo, but can also be engraved as you designate. The award includes an elegant pen that floats in the air, held up by magnets.

To request the Paul Barbour Award, print, fill out, and mail our PDF Paul Barbour Award form with your check.